Zia Spacemodelers


ZIA NRC Launches

I have sanctioned all of our monthly launches as National Rocket Competition event with the NAR. Everybody who is interested in flying any of this year's NRC events in an attempt to get onto the online national leader board is welcome to do so.  If you are not interested in flying any contest events, that's fine (we will have our normal sport flying as usual)...but if you want to volunteer to help by being a timer for competition flights, that would be great.

The six events that are being flown as part of the NRC during the year (and also at NARAM-60 in Pueblo, Colorado) are:

1/2A Parachute Duration
1/2A Boost Glider Duration
A Streamer Duration
A Helicopter Duration
A Payload Altitude (altimeter)
C Eggloft Altitude (altimeter)

NOTE! In order to fly any of these at any sanctioned NRC event at our Zia launch, you need to provide everything needed, such as:  eggs for eggloft (weighing 57 to 63 grams), a standard NAR sand-filled payload (new size specifications: minimum weight 28 grams, minimum diameter 17mm, minimum length 60mm), an altimeter approved for NAR contest use for the altitude events (http://www.nar.org/contest-flying/us-model-rocket-sporting-code/appendix/altimeters-approved-for-contest-use/).

You do not need to provide launch equipment (unless you want special equipment such as tower or piston launchers). Other Zia members will volunteer as timers.

You can read the new version of the NAR Sport Code at the link below (and see if I have described it well).