Zia Spacemodelers

April 20, 2003 - PeepLoft!

What is a PeepLoft, you ask? To celebrate our Easter Sunday launch, we held a competition. The goal was to attach a marshmallow Peep to your rocket, launch it, recover it, bring it back to the launch area, and eat the peep in the shortest time possible using at least a B motor. Pictures from this launch can be found here.


Place Name Motor Time
1st Tom Beach C6-0 0:38
2nd Claire Bounds B6-4 0:48
3rd Mary Kate English B6-4 0:55
4th Joyce Guzik B6-2 1:04
5th Jasmine Bounds B4-4 1:09
6th Tommy English B6-4 1:13
6th Mouser Williams C6-3 1:13
7th Christine Bounds C6-0/A10-3 1:15
8th Rob Hermes B6-4 1:53
9th Nina Lanza C6-0/C6-7 2:18
10th John Bounds F25-6 2:59
11th Rob Hermes D12/D12-5 3:49